About the Academy

The International Academy for Suicide Research is an organization that promotes high standards of research and scholarship in the field of suicidal behaviour by fostering communication and co-operation among scholars engaged in such research.

The Academy’s official publication is the Archives of Suicide Research. This is a peer-reviewed journal published by Taylor & Francis.

The Academy holds annual scientific and business meetings. These have been held in conjunction with conferences such as the International Association for Suicide Prevention, the European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour, and the American Association of Suicidology.

New qualified members are welcome. Please go to our membership page for more information on joining the IASR.

IASR Board Members

President Prof. Lars Mehlum Group website: www.selvmord.no/
President-Elect Prof. Gil Zahlsman Group website: http://www.zalsman.org/
Past-President Prof. Maria Oquendo Group website:
Secretary-Treasurer Dr. Annette Erlangsen Group website: wwww.drisp.dk
IASR Editor-in-Chief Prof. Barbara Stanley Group website: profiles.columbiapsychiatry.org/profile/bstanley

Past Presidents of IASR

  • Dr. Rory O’Connor
  • Dr. Gustavo Turecki
  • Dr. David Shaffner
  • Dr. Jouko Lonnqvist
  • Dr. Danuta Wasserman
  • Dr. John Mann
  • Dr. Bob Goldney
  • Dr. Armin Schmidtke
  • Dr. Diego De Leo
  • Dr. René FW Diekstra

IASR constitution

View the   IASR Constitution (PDF)

IASR Membership

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Archives of Suicide Research